Hardly any of our products could be regarded as a result of a matter of routine. We adapt the work to our customer's wishes, possibilities, needs. And to the stone.

... as how to choose and process the material.

    Indoor and outdoor
furnishing for buildings:
- shelves
- stairs
- pavements and flooring
- worktops and kitchen tables
- fireplaces
- columns
- front gates
- fountains
- basins, etc.

and tombstone ornaments:
- processing new tombstones
- complete restoration of old tombstones
- engraving new and restoration of old inscriptions
- setting photographs on monuments
- stone vases
- candle saucers and statues, etc.

Furnishing and arrangements
in sacral buildings:
- altars
- pavements, etc.

Unique articles made
according to your wishes:
- vases,
- mugs,
- mortairs, etc.

    The product is delivered to your home and technically assembled.