Škabrijel - Ravnica:
Monument to Slovene soldiers
who died in World War I
-------------------------------------------- Boarding house Šterk, Most na Soči:
Stonecutting work
Inn Šterk, Ajševica:
Marble works in the interior of the inn
-------------------------------------------- Restaurant Kekec:
Outdoor pavement and stairs
Tourist farm Arkade, Jordan Cigoj, Črniče:
Stairs, pavement
Tombstone according to the plan of architect Franc Kvaternik - aqueduct Gora
Mercury mine in closing down, Idrija:
Stonecutting work, indoor and outdoor stairs
-------------------------------------------- Cinerary urn cemetery, Solkan:
Stonecutting work
Village churchyard, Orehovlje:
Stonecutting work
-------------------------------------------- Vodovodi in kanalizacija Nova Gorica, d.d.:
Traditional fountain - "primorska špina"
Sveta gora:
Basilica of the Virgin Mary
-------------------------------------------- Ljubljana, Vič:
Chapel of Anton Martin Slomšek
The monograph Oltarji iz delavnice Vojka Mužine (Altars from the workshop of Vojko Mužina*), published on the occasion of Vojko Mužina's 60th birthday, is a clear confirmation of a diligent and professional approach to work. The book presents 40 altars and other objects with religious significance to be found in Slovene churches and abroad.

* The book hasn't been translated into English, so the title is illustrative only.